Grandmothers' Recipes Cookbook
Launched in November 2006, Rosaline’s self-published First recipe book "Grandmothers' Recipes- Tales from Two Peranakan Kitchens" has been well-received and has sold out all 5000 copies. She is currently reprinting this as a second edition and will have 1000 copies for sale before Chinese New Year. Her Second book, "More Grandmothers' Recipes -Everyday Dishes for Today's Family" was launched in November 2012 followed by her Third book " Grandmothers' Recipes - Sweet and Savoury" in 2014. She is packaging these books into a set of 3 when ready at a discount.To buy simply email her at or

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"An awesome compliment and pleasant surprise was the purchase of 21 copies of the book by the Organizers of Apec Conference (Asia Pacific Economic Conference), held in Singapore in November 2009, as part of Singapore's gift pack for the Heads of Delegations."

"I returned from overseas recently and tried your roast pork recipe. It's excellent and so easy to do...Upon my recommendation, one of my sisters-in-law went to Borders, bought 10 copies of your book and distributed them among her family members and friends." – Lily

"My brother emailed from Sydney, Australia today asking me to buy 3 or 4 copies of your book (asap) as he wants these for himself and close friends. He was recommended the book after enjoying a sumptuous meal at one of his friend's homes...The lady of the house had used your book and its recipes." – Lawrence da Silva

"Grandmother's Recipes, a 157-page hardcover tome, by Rosaline Soon, will catch the eye of many cooking enthusiasts since it promises to reveal old-time recipes for home-cooked food..."
– Philip Lee, Asiaone Wine, Dine & Unwind

"Mrs Soon is such a fabulous hostess, you're in good hands if you sign up for a cooking class with her...unlike too many badly produced self-published books, this slick, ring-bound one is well made with appealing pictures and friendly typeface..."
– Tan Shee Lah, Lifestyle Magazine

"I came across Rosaline Soon's ‘Grandmothers Recipes – Tales from Two Peranakan Kitchens'. Instantly, I recalled having Rosaline's Peranakan intoxications in a very unlikely named Ming's Café and Pub along...Upper Thomson Road...Rosaline had quite a regular dinner crowd in that little café that became a pub after 10.00pm..."
– Colin Chee, The Peranakan (July-September 2007) ‘Books Good Enough To Eat'