Grandmothers' Recipes is about the sharing and teaching of recipes from the twin Peranakan heritages of Rosaline Soon, author of cookbooks "Grandmothers Recipes - Tales from Two Peranakan Kitchens", "Grandmothers Recipes - Everyday Dishes for Today's Families", "Grandmothers Recipes - Sweet and Savoury".

These recipes, lovingly compiled from her nonya relatives in Singapore and Penang, were a hit with customers when she owned and ran Ming's Cafe and Pub in Upper Thomson Road in the early 1990s. She retired after more than 20 years in the corporate world to pursue her interest in food. After she gave up the restaurant and Pub, she wrote three cook books and then started giving cooking classes from her home.

During Covid 19, she started a takeaway service from her home. She's back to giving cooking classes, especially to visitors from overseas as she's a host for the website "Traveling Spoon", domestic helpers for Singaporean homes, as well as corporate offices looking for cooking classes as bonding activities, and anyone interested in learning Peranakan and Singaporean food. 


In doing my cooking classes for Peranakan/ Singaporean recipes for the last dozen years, I've found my Beginners/Maids course of classes the most popular.


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We are open to private dining for small groups of tourists interested in local cuisine. Singaporeans and Malaysians living abroad who return for a holiday with a desire to revisit their roots through the tastes and aromas of their never to be forgotten Peranakan food.

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