Classes for 2024

 Dear Friends,

Hi All, 

As we enter a new year, I'd like to thank everyone for your support, attending classes and ordering food for special occasions. It's been a pleasure and very satisfying attending to your requests, whether it's teaching your helpers to adapt to cooking requirements for Singaporean families, or hosting visitors from Traveling Spoon or directly to Singapore keen to learn about Peranakan food and culture or young Singaporean working ladies interested to learn to cook.  It is something I enjoy doing and I look forward to doing more of the same.

Currently, teaching the basics and intricacies of Peranakan/Singapore food remains a main and important goal for both Singaporeans as well as overseas visitors. Hosting young ladies who want to learn to cook before they tie the knot has also become popular, as friends will usually arrange a "Hens" party for their bride-to-be friend. Overseas visitors from all over the world have come to learn to cook and enjoy dishes like beef rendang, chicken satay, nonya laksa, etc., followed by a meal with me.

A special focus has to be teaching domestic helpers how to prepare meals for Singaporean families. After teaching and enjoying the flawless meals my Maid prepared for us daily for 12 years, I do appreciate how important these classes are to families as I sorely miss Apple and am trying to train someone totally new to our beloved Peranakan cuisine.

I have been receiving requests for different types of classes and it's hard to accommodate if requests are mainly for 1 person. At the moment there is a request from an employer for Dessert and Peranakan Kwey dishes and I have posted them for April. If I can find one or two more, we can have some really sweet dishes for April. So I'm just going to put up my monthly schedules based on some requests and if you are interested please email/text me and if I can get 3 pax I will start the class. Currently, besides the 5-days course for Domestic helpers, I have a request for Peranakan Kweys and desserts.

You can also check my facebook page grandmothersrecipes for postings and pictures of dishes cooked and enjoyed by many who have learned authentic Peranakan/Singaporean dishes with fresh ingredients and without msg and other artificial flavoring. Usually, I have requests for class cum meal to celebrate a birthday or just a get-together with friends and family. Prices will be quoted based on your requirements and will range from $90 to $200 per pax.

At the same time, I also cater to requests for packed meals/special Peranakan dishes for delivery for those celebrating an event/family gathering at home. If interested, just go to "Order Dishes" on this website for the details.

Please note that I need a deposit of 20% for classes and any last-minute cancellation will result in a forfeit of the deposit.

All ingredients are provided and you only need to bring your own containers to pack back the food cooked if not eaten after the class.

If you are interested, sms me at 96757611 or email me at  or call 64597549 / 96757611 to book.