Classes for 2021

 Dear Friends,

It's been a while since I posted the latest about my cooking classes. Since mid-July of 2020, I have had many enquiries, from overseas quests working and living in Singapore for classes and dining options for Peranakan food. I've been very privileged to host Americans, French, Hongkong citizens and Japanese to classes and meals, enjoying every moment. 

Since then, I have launched a new service...providing cooked Peranakan dishes from home for orders. These are available on weekends...Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Orders are placed the weekend prior and collected or delivered the next weekend. There are 4 dishes each weekend, meant for a family of 4. Dishes have included Beef Rendang, Ayam/Spare Ribs Buahkeluak, Assam Fish Curry, Nasi Ulam, Chap Chye, Onde Onde etc. You can order all 4 dishes or just the ones you like. I also do an individual pack, bento-style,  for just 1 person to cater to those who so wish. Just go to my website and click on "Order Dishes". So far, since Aug 6th, the response has been very good, very positive, and very encouraging. So I will continue to offer as many of my dishes as possible from my 3 cookbooks, repeating the popular dishes as often as I can.

Classes for Singaporeans who are learning to cook for the first time and Maids working for Singapore families continue to be popular and a mainstay of my cooking classes. However, in view of the time taken up for planning and providing cooked food, I will only do cooking classes on request for those who can come as a group of minimum of 3 pax. Kindly text me on 96757611 if you are interested. Currently, I will only do classes for a minimum of 3 pax and a maximum of 5 pax.

If you are really interested to learn, or to just come for a meal of authentic Peranakan dishes that you like, just gather a group of a minimum 3. I'll leave it to you to contact me via email, text or phone (96757611) to discuss what you want. It can be a class followed by lunch or dinner or just a meal with your choice of dishes.

Teaching the basics and intricacies of Peranakan/Singapore food remains a main and important goal for both Singaporeans as well as overseas visitors. Hosting young ladies who want to learn to cook before they tie the knot has also become popular, as friends will usually arrange a "Hens" party for their bride-to-be friend. Overseas visitors from all over the world have come to learn to cook and enjoy dishes like beef rendang, chicken satay, nonya laksa, etc. 

You can also check my facebook page grandmothersrecipes for postings and pictures of dishes cooked and enjoyed by many who have learned authentic Peranakan/Singaporean dishes with fresh ingredients and without msg and other artificial flavoring.

Please note that I need a deposit of 20% for classes and any last-minute cancellation will result in forfeit of deposit.

All ingredients are provided and you only need to bring your own containers to pack back the food cooked if not eaten after the class.

If you are interested, sms me at 96757611 or email me at  or call 64597549 / 96757611 to book.