5-day Course for Beginners/Domestic Helpers

1. All about seasoning and spices (we do not use MSG in our dishes)
2. How to pick fresh sea food
3. The different types of vegetables and their names
4. How to prepare sambal belachan
5. How to plan a 4-course meal

Day 1

• Chicken chops/Pork Chops/Spicy Chicken with Tau Cheo
• Towgey fried with tau kua (different ways of cooking towgey)
• Tang hoon (vermicelli) in claypot with prawn
• Pork ribs with Winter Melon soup (other soups using pork ribs)

Day 2

• Char Siew Pork with Wanton Mee
• Spinach fried with garlic
• Pomfret in black bean sauce
• Chicken soup with fresh corn (using chicken bones for various soups)

Day 3

• Curry chicken
• Blanched brinjal topped with fried onions and sambal
• Steamed or sweet and sour fish (types of fish to use for steaming)
• Tang Hoon (vermicelli) and meat ball soup

Day 4

• Beef Rendang or Stewed Chicken with button mushroom
• Kangkong with belachan and dried prawns
• Egg and Onion Omelette (various ways of using eggs for a quick dish)
• Chap Chye

Day 5

• Chicken Rice
• Assam Curry Fish
• Babi Pongteh or Ngoh Hiang
• Chicken soup with cabbage



• Beginners/Domestic Helpers (Maids) Course - The 5-day course costs $700. All ingredients are provided and the course includes take-home portions of dishes taught for employers’ sampling. It also includes a copy of my Cook Book 2, "Grandmothers Recipes, Everyday Dishes for Today's Families".

*Advanced Class- The 6-day course costs $850. Especially for employers who want their helpers to learn more after the Beginners' classes and anyone who is interested, who need not do the full course but only the ones they want, at $160 each Class

One Dish Meals - This 6-day course costs $850 or $150 per class. For anyone who wants a simple fast one-dish meal, this course will ensure that you will learn 18 dishes that you will enjoy. Quick and easy, with few ingredients, yet delicious!

Desserts Only!...popular Peranakan/teochew Desserts to make yourself...yummy yet not cloyingly sweet. This course of 5 classes with 15 dishes cost $580 or $130 per class. For anyone with a sweet tooth!

• Others - request for any 3 dishes from the list that follows, costs $130 -$150. Form your own group of 4 or 5 to start a class

Timing of Classes

• 10.30am to 12.30pm / 2.00pm to 4.30pm / 7.00pm to 9.30pm

Classes are conducted when there are at least 3-5 interested.


Classes are hands-on where possible and demo from scratch and will start with a minimum of 3 . All ingredients are provided. The cost is $130/to $150/ per class.  A deposit of 25% or $20 is needed to confirm your place.

Classes will only commence if 3 or more sign up. You are welcome to make up your own group and request for your desired dishes which will be accommodated as much as possible. For one-on-one classes, please call me to discuss.

Classes are conducted at Grandmothers Recipes Kitchen,
81 Gardenia Road, Singapore 578856
Tel: 64597549/96757611
Email: rosalinesh.soon@yahoo.co.uk or
Website: www.grandmothersrecipes.com.sg