One Dish Meals

These easy to do meals of few ingredients and require little preparation time are ideal for families that want a one dish that is satisfying at the same time. The whole course of 18 dishes is priced at $800/. If classes are taken individually, they will cost $140 each.

Day 1

Class 1

1) Claypot Rice...all in one dish of fragrant rice with chicken, chinese sausage and mushroom, tasty and convenient
2) Stewed Pork Belly with Mui Chye and Porridge...slowly stewed till tender and soft, pork belly with mui chye, a dried and seasoned mustard vegetable, goes well with porridge
3) Crispy Inche Kibin (Penang Crispy Chicken)...a famous, well known chicken dish of Penang, this crispy chicken is a hit with children

Day 2

Class 2

1) Nonya Fried Rice...unique taste of belacan in an appetising dish of prawns, chicken, mixed peas, corn, carrots and egg. Create your own and put in any leftovers!
2) Mee Siam...a Peranakan rice noodle with piquant assam infused gravy, topped with prawns, tau pok, chives, hard boiled eggs and unforgettable crunchy tiny shrimps
3) Boxing Chicken...two styles, dry and wet, beautifully seasoned and deep fried. Kids love this and you can do this as a party dish, easy to prepare and easier to eat.

Day 3

Class 3

1) Kong Bak with steamed Buns..smooth, soft white buns enveloping a slice of three-layered belly pork stewed to perfection with dark soya sauce. Accompanied by a leaf of lettuce and coriander and spiced with sambal belacan.
2) Olive easy to do rice dish that can be easily done and left to warm in the rice cooker. Fried with minced pork or chicken, canned olive leaves, mushroom, it can be taken by itself or with chicken fried with button mushroom.
3) Penang Fried Kwey Teow...this recipe from Penang differs from the Singapore version as it is not done with sweet dark sauce but is the version that's done with light soya or fish sauce, giving it a salty rather than sweet taste

Day 4

Class 4

1) Fried Vegetarian Bee Hoon..I used to serve this for classes in the evening so that attendees need not have dinner and could come on time. I was requested by some to teach this after having it here. So here it is, a simple, quick fried rice noodle that is easy and nice.
2) Pineapple Rice...a change from the usual white rice, this can be also a party dish to accomapny many other dishes
3) Sliced Fish in Bee Hoon Soup...a dish offered at most hawker centres, this is truly a meal by itself. Using Mackeral or Toman fish to flavour the soup together with a little condensed milk                            4) Sembawang White Bee Hoon....this dish of bee hoon in vongole, prawns, sotong and chye sim is a hit with both young and old!  

Day 5

Class 5

1) KL Black Hokkien Mee...fried with a special black sauce, this is a yellow thick noodle fried with Prawns, squid, fish and pork. You can also use udon for this
2) Claypot Yam Rice...for those who like yam, this dish is always welcome and is a fulfilling substitute for a rice dish
3) Fried Hokkien it right, with the right chilli sauce, and this dish is a real hit with everyone. To get it right, the stock is a must! A delicious mixture of rice and yellow noodles fried with prawns, pork, squid and lots of crunchy tow gey is what you must achieve.

Day 6

Class 6

1) Seafood Hor Fun/Bee to achieve a smooth, kwey teow or bee hoon topped with fresh seafood of prawns, squid and fish in a gravy speckled with egg is what you will learn.
2) Penang Prawn Mee Soup...nobody misses trying this dish when visiting Penang! Learn the secret of doing this delectable dish from scratch.
3) Carrot Cake...soft, shredded steamed radish (white carrot) with bits of hunan ham and panfried for a mouthwatering delight. It can be packed in the children's lunch box!                                                    4) Nonya coconut milk infused gravy in a spicy rempah over thick rice noodle topped with shredded chicken, prawns, fish cake, bean sprouts and shredded cucumber and fragrant laksa leave



• Beginners/Domestic Helpers (Maids) Course - The 5-day course costs $700. All ingredients are provided and the course includes take-home portions of dishes taught for employers’ sampling. It also includes a copy of my Cook Book 2, "Grandmothers Recipes, Everyday Dishes for Today's Families".

*Advanced Class- The 6-day course costs $850. Especially for employers who want their helpers to learn more after the Beginners' classes and anyone who is interested, who need not do the full course but only the ones they want, at $160 each Class

One Dish Meals - This 6-day course costs $850 or $150 per class. For anyone who wants a simple fast one-dish meal, this course will ensure that you will learn 18 dishes that you will enjoy. Quick and easy, with few ingredients, yet delicious!

Desserts Only!...popular Peranakan/teochew Desserts to make yourself...yummy yet not cloyingly sweet. This course of 5 classes with 15 dishes cost $580 or $130 per class. For anyone with a sweet tooth!

• Others - request for any 3 dishes from the list that follows, costs $130 -$150. Form your own group of 4 or 5 to start a class

Timing of Classes

• 10.30am to 12.30pm / 2.00pm to 4.30pm / 7.00pm to 9.30pm

Classes are conducted when there are at least 3-5 interested.


Classes are hands-on where possible and demo from scratch and will start with a minimum of 3 . All ingredients are provided. The cost is $130/to $150/ per class.  A deposit of 25% or $20 is needed to confirm your place.

Classes will only commence if 3 or more sign up. You are welcome to make up your own group and request for your desired dishes which will be accommodated as much as possible. For one-on-one classes, please call me to discuss.

Classes are conducted at Grandmothers Recipes Kitchen,
81 Gardenia Road, Singapore 578856
Tel: 64597549/96757611
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