What We Teach
One-Dish Meals

These recipes which can easily be served as a one-dish meal for lunch or dinner, have all been painstakingly developed over many years and enjoyed by many family members and friends. Using the freshest ingredients and without using MSG, you can learn the secrets of cooking genuine Nonya laksa with 13 ingredients, or the unusual Penang Kerabu with its many variations that will stimulate your creativity. The course of 6 classes with 3 dishes per class is priced at $800 or $145 for individual classes

• Nonya Laksa • Penang Laksa • Poh Piah • Penang Prawn Mee Soup • Birthday Lam Mee • Nasi Ulam • Macaroni Soup • Mee Siam • Kerabu Bee Hoon • Fried Kwey Teow • Penang Mee Rebus • Hor Fun • Kong Bak with Buns • Nasi Lemak • Olive Rice • Teochew Fried Mee Teow • Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodle • Hokkien Fried Tang Hoon • Hainanese Pork Chop • Tauhoo Goreng • Lasagne • Pasta • Nonya Fried Rice • Olive Rice • Pineapple Rice


For interesting salads and great snacks for your kids birthday parties or a side dish to add to your dinner or party needs, learn to make these quick and delicious dishes like boxing chicken, ngoh hiang, etc.

• Thai Salad • Pasembor • Kerabu Cucumber • Kerabu Pineapple • Archar • Chap Chye • Ngoh Hiang • Otak Otak • Pomegranate Chicken • Chicken Wings • Boxing Chicken • Sandwiches (tuna, sambal, corned beef, cheese and ham) • Jiu Her Char • Stuffed Tau Pok • Kueh Pie Ti • Fried Bamboo Shoots with Chilli • Carrot Cake • Yam Cake • Haechoh • Quiche Lorraiane • Spinach in 3 kinds of eggs

Meat Dishes

Truly peranakan buahkeluak is taught from scratch – from where to buy, how to pick, how to clean, and the different styles of cooking these strange-looking but delicious nuts someone described as Asian equivalent of ‘blue cheese’. Many of these meat dishes, when cooked at home, have so much more ‘zing’ to the dish as they are slowly simmered to perfection!

• Ayam/Pork Buah Keluak • Babi Pongteh • Spicy Pork Trotters • Kong Bak • Beef Rendang • Roast Pork • Char Siew • Teochew Braised Duck • Chicken Rendang • Kerabu Chicken/Prawn • Yellow Ginger Chicken • Chicken Chop • HongKong Rose Flavoured Soy Sauce Chicken • Italian Herbal Pork in Milk, Bak Kut Teh and more


Learn a different way of cooking your favourite Pomfret fish! If you have not heard of Gulai Tummis, you don’t know how Penangites love to have their pomfret done this way with the lovely flavour of bunga gantan(ginger bud or torch ginger). Learn also a different and appetising way of cooking Ikan Kurau for the kids. Introduce them to Fish Belanda. Yes, seafood is healthy and can be made interesting!

• Claypot Fish Head • Gulai Tummis, Assam Pedas • Stuffed Sotong Curry • Stewed Sea Cucumber • Sambal Udang • Assam Prawn • Claypot Prawn with vermicelli • Curry Prawn • Flower Crab Curry • Banana Leaf Seafood BBQ • Teochew-style Chinese New Year Raw Fish • Ho See Fatt Choy • Hay Choh Prawn Balls • Crab Meat Fish Maw Potage • Teochew Fish Head Steamboat, Song Her Claypot Fish Head • Prawns/Sotong in salted Egg Yolk • Chili Crabs/Black Pepper Crabs


A healthy, home-cooked soup served piping hot on the dinner table has always been a must in my family. Learn to cook basic soups from fresh ingredients and dish up interesting variations with subtle ingredient changes

• Kiam Chye Duck Soup • Her Peoh Soup • Fish Head Soup • Oxtail Soup • Pig’s Stomach Soup • Chicken Sesame Oil Soup • Dumpling Soup • Basic soup stock with winter melon, lotus roots, watercress, corn, Chicken with Hunan Ham and winter cabbage, or Pumpkin soup, Mushroom soup, etc

Chinese New Year Specialties/Cakes/Desserts

Blest with many family members who are gifted in various culinary skills and interests, Rosaline’s niece, Julia Tan, will teach you all the skills needed to fill your larder with great delicious cookies, cakes and sweet offerings for Christmas, Chinese New Year and any time you fancy!

• Pineapple tarts • Cashew Nuts Cookies • Emping Cookies • Kueh Bangket • Almond Cookies • Almond Pinenut Shortbread Cookies • Pecan Nut Cookies • Mini Hae Bee Hiam Poh Piah • Steam Huat Kwey • Chocolate Fudge • Chocolate Truffle Cream • Baked Chocolate • Steamed Sarawak Brownies • Sugee Cake • Pandan/Orange Chiffon • Teochew Or Nee • Kueh Ko Swee • Bubur Cha Cha • Sago Gula Melaka • Cheng Tng • Tau Suan • Gingko Nuts with Bean Curd • Sago Melon • Mango Sago Pomelo/Ice Cream • Bubur Hitam • Bubur Terigu, Lek Tau Suan, Kwey Salat, Kwey dadar, 4-coloured Onde Onde, Mua Chee and many more

Children's Classes

Kids love making Pasta dough, as it's akin to playing with 'playdough'. Keep them happily occupied during school breaks with a cooking class where they learn sharing, teamwork as they knead dough for pasta, pineapple tarts , muffin, curry puffs, 4-coloured onde onde which they'll eagerly devour. It's not just keeping them happily active, but learning a skill, teamwork and seeing the fruits of their co-operation.

Beginners/Maids Classes

These are a series of five classes, once a week, over 5 weeks. They are intended to help Beginners/Maids plan family meals of 4 dishes, mainly, a meat, a seafood, a vegetable and a soup.

They are also a good introduction to some Peranakan cooking with dishes like Beef Rendang, sambal kangkong, assam Fish Curry etc. They also include favaourite, non spicy dishes like Chicken Rice, Sweet and Sour Pork and more.

The five classes cost $650/ and will include one of my 3 recipe books, Book 2. This Book, titled Grandmothers' Recipes, Everyday Dishes for Today's Families, contains dishes that are meant for the family.


Note and Charges
Rather than having fixed menus, Rosaline believes in catering to the needs of the group. She invites you to choose two to three dishes, find your own group of friends, neighbours, relatives, colleagues and start your own class. You will have fun celebrating a birthday, a reunion, a ‘letting your hair down’ session, a bonding session through learning how to cook your favourite dishes and sitting down for a meal you have helped to cook, with your own bottle of wine.

Depending on the dishes chosen, each lesson per head will cost between $120 - $150 and the class size can be from 4 to over 20