Focusing on teaching domestic helpers (Maids) to plan and cook great family meals for Singaporean families, Rosaline believes that being able to cook well for the family is critical to helping domestic helpers settle in quickly to their working life in Singapore.

Classes are conducted in small groups of 5 to 8, in the cosy environment of her air-conditioned home kitchen. The classes range from basic 4-course home meals to specialty Singaporean Nonya and Penang Peranakan dishes, Chinese New Year specialities, party dishes, One-Dish Meals, Desserts, Cakes and Chinese New Year cookies. Together with her niece Julia Tan, they offer a wide repertoire of dishes to suit most needs.

Classes conducted so far have produced wonderful results with her students dishing up Nonya Laksa, Nasi Ulam, nonya curry chicken, Roast Pork and more.

Also keen to promote local cuisine to tourists and overseas visitors, especially those who come to visit their family members working and living here, she welcomes small groups of tourists of 5 to 10 interested in learning to cook Singaporean/Peranakan dishes and then have a meal featuring typical Singaporean and signature nonya fare with her at home. Now a host for Traveling Spoon in Singapore, Rosaline has hosted myriad happy visitors from all over the world, who have been truly impressed with Singapore and Penang Peranakan food. For more details, visit Traveling

Learning to cook together can serve as a great bonding session. Learn a skill together and learn to work as a team as you share 'hands-on' tasks. Corporate/Team bonding classes can be tailored to your needs. Classes have been conducted for groups from Cisco System, Hewlett Packard/Hyatt Hotel and others with dishes like Poh Piah, Ayam Buahkeluak, Ngoh Hiang, Pineapple Tarts and more.

At the request of friends who have enjoyed her Peranakan food over the years, Rosaline is launching soon, a new service...providing Takeaway family meals from her home. For those who are interested, go to her new webpage "Order Dishes" to find details of dishes and prices. All her dishes are cooked with homemade spices like those she uses to teach and do not contain msg. Orders are limited to 5 per day, per session. She is also conscious of packaging materials and will be using only biodegradable containers.

Do visit her new page "Order Dishes" and try out an order to see how easy it is to have a delicious homecooked Peranakan meal that is well balanced for the whole family.


• Cooking Classes for anyone interested in Singaporean/Penang/Peranakan Nonya dishes
• Teaching domestic helpers (Maids) to plan and cook interesting family meals and party dishes
• Cooking classes as bonding sessions for friends, colleagues, family and kids
• Promoting Singapore food to tourists through cooking classes/market visits with lunch/dinner
• Sale of cookbooks
• Sale of laksa rempah