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What a wonderful concept to be welcomed to a home and entertained by a wonderful host and chef. Rosaline and her family were very warm and the food was truly amazing. A range of different Singaporean dishes reflecting the deep culture and history of the peninsula and the many immigrant communities. A great evening and recommended for anyone with a soul, a gut and a penchant for intimate experiences.

- Ravi


This is the best idea ever. It was a great way to experience authentic Singapore cuisine. Rosaline and her family made us feel at home, and we had a fun time learning to cook 4 great recipes.

- Dan


My experience with Traveling Spoon was exactly as I was idealizing since I read an article in Forbes in March 2014, a unique amazing experience. The food cooked by Rosaline was delicious, the cooking class demo was exceptional, but what made us love the experience also was the opportunity to meet Rosaline. We enjoyed every moment of the conversation as well as every bite of the traditional Singaporean and Peranakan food. For me, traveling means knowing other cultures, meeting people and enjoying the traditional food with the locals, Traveling Spoon brought us all together in an unforgettable evening.

- José


Our host Rosaline was very welcoming and made us feel right at home. She is an amazing cook. Delicious food made with love. Rosaline and her family explained the history of the food and the special ingredients in each dish. We had a wonderful experience and will definitely do this again!

- Meena


Rosaline was a perfectly gracious host and selected specific recipes at our request. She was an experienced instructor who explained how to find and prepare local ingredients and guided us through the cooking process. Rosaline translated and hand-typed numerous recipes and made helpful notes about how to find foods back home. She works very well with experienced and novice home cooks alike. As judged by a native Singaporean, her Peranakan food is delicious! Finally, conversation with her is a delight. This was a wonderful experience and if you are traveling through Singapore, a class with Rosaline is not to be missed!

- Matt and Jeremy


Rosaline is a one-of-a-kind host. Perfect cooking experience and great food. We had a splendid time with her and her children who had dinner with us. Very interesting peek into Singaporean culture and good chats.

- Birger Sandman


We enjoyed her splendid garden and cuisine. We learned the technique for developing the national dish of Singapore and three additional dishes as well. Overall, Great! Would do again. Chicken rice was our favorite dish.

- Walker Winans


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"When this reporter visited Rosaline's home, she was instructing five maids on methods of cooking. Employers send their maids here because they hope to eventually savour traditional Nonya dishes. When Rosaline conducts her classes, the mood is like chatting with friends in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere and the class is filled with laughter…The maids said their employers were always full of praise after trying out their newly-acquired culinary skills..."

- Translated from Lifestyle Magazine (Chinese)


"Dear Rosaline,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for a fun series of Cooking classes. It was a delight attending every session, and the recipes were very useful. They were easy to follow and best of all, even my helper could cook after attending your classes. It was a challenge trying to find a good cooking class that taught food that could be cooked for a typical Singaporean Family dinner - so I am really glad to have found your site. The "Kong Bah Bao" and "Rendang dishes" were a big hit with the rest of the family members. Look forward to attending more of your classes in the future.


- Email received from Mrs Sher-li Torrey on 13th April 2012 after her 5th and last class


"Hi Rosaline,

I would like to thank you so much for offering this class for domestic helpers.

Jackie has learnt a lot - even though she is an experienced help, the classes have benefited her a lot. Just yesterday, she cooked beef rendang and sambal kangkong. Wow, it was a hit with my husband and I - absolutely yummy. The rendang was rich in flavour with spices which were all in the right proportions. It was delicious.

Additionally, her chicken chop is a household favourite too. My 9 year old son loves it. It is tender, aromatic and juicy. We look forward to Jackie's cooking even more these days.

Thank you so much. If you do hold an intermediate class, I will definitely send Jackie there. Who knows, with Myanmar becoming the next frontier, she might open her own restaurant..Best Regards.. Laura" ...

- Email from Laura Ng on 26th May 2012, 13:23


"Thank you Rosaline. I didn't think I'd learn much at such a big class but am very happy and pleasantly surprised at how well it was organised and I did have a hands-on experience making the tarts"

- Lady from Hyatt Singapore who attended her Department's bonding session


"Hi, my maid took my copy of your "More Grandmothers' Recipes" and I'm desolate. Can I buy a copy from you please? I actually had all your books, so the only missing is Book 2. The recipes are fantastic! So easy to follow, and yet the results are so good. Thank you for writing them (and also for selling me my precious missing Book 2)....

- Jeannette H E Tan (4th May 2017)